The 2018-2019 Academic Year English Proficiency Exam

The 2018-2019 Academic Year English Proficiency Exam of 01.10.2018 will take place at Medipol University, Kavacık Campus on floors B2.

Medicine and Dentistry Students will not be allowed into the exam.
Double Major, Minor and External transfer students will attend the exam on B3 floor, in the classroom 3B-25.
Students are required to be at the university at 09.30.
Students are required to bring with them their students IDs. Those who don’t have their student IDs are required to have with them their ID cards and/or passports.
Students are expected to have their pencils and erasers as they will not be provided with.
Students who fail to arrive on time for the exam will NOT be admitted into the first part of the exam, which is the listening. Therefore, it is of vital importance that our students be on time.

The parents of the students will not be admitted into the Exam corridors so as not to impair our students concentration.