The students received their certificates at “The International Turkish Language Education Summer Camp” held in cooperation of Istanbul Medipol University and Turkey Maarif Foundation.

150 students graduated from Medipol TÖMER

The International Turkish Language Education Summer Camp held in cooperation of Turkey Maarif Foundation and Istanbul Medipol University Turkish Application and Research Center (Medipol TÖMER) which was founded to make the International students understand Turkish correctly and speak the language fluently, has ended. Participation certificate and achievement certificate were given to approx 150 students who completed the program with success at the camp. Colorful scene was recorded at the activity which students from different countries such as Pakistan, Guinea, Somalia, Congo, Kosovo, Albania and Senegal participated in with their local costumes. The Turkish performances presented by the students at the ceremony fascinated the audience. Authorities from the Maarif Foundation among them Turkey Maarif Foundation Board Of Trustees Deputy Chairman Osman Nuri Kabaktepe, participated in the program that was held in South Campus Conference Hall.


Medipol TÖMER Principal Zekiye Seis who spoke at the ceremony mentioned that the International Summer Camp brings students from different continents together. Seis specifying that TÖMER aims to support the common usage of Turkish at international level also added as follows: “The international students were educated in four skills (reading-writing, understanding, listening and speaking) to learn the Turkish culture and language at the summer camp which lasted two weeks. The main mission of Medipol TÖMER at the summer camp is not only to bring together different races, languages and religions but also to come together uniting the continents and make the Turkish language loved and spoken by many nationalities. The summer camp we prepared with Turkey Maarif Foundation, will create the opportunity for our mother language to become one of the universal languages and to form common cultural values by increasing the number Turkish-speakers. Our values are the foundation of our educational perceptive.”


‘Turkey Maarif Foundation’ Board of Trustees Deputy Chairman, Nuri Kabaktepe said, that the main objective is to educate good people.  Kabaktepe thanked Istanbul Medipol University for the successful completion of  summer camp. “ On a behalf of Maarif Foundation our main aim is to bring up good people. We can define a good person as a person that always aims for goodness, seeks beauty, pursues everything that is useful, eats good and healthy foods, produces useful and helpful things, doesn’t violate law or humans rights. As an old Indian saying says, ‘We did not inherit the world from our ancestors, we borrowed it from our children’. For a good world, we have to think about future generations as we live today. As a ‘Maarif Foundation’, we act to make the world we borrowed a better place and leave a better world for future generations. ”