Assoc. Prof. Nihal Büyüksulu, MD, who was invited to the “Third World Eatology Forum”, arranged together with G20 Lider Summit , signed ‘Awaji Declaration’, where wastes and food problems were discussed.

Assoc. Prof . Büyükuslu, signed ‘Awaji Declaration’ at G20

Istanbul Medipol University Medicine Sciences School  Nutrition and Dietetics Faculty Member Assoc. Prof. Nihal Büyükuslu, MD, participated in ‘The Third World Eatology Forum” arranged with G20 Lider Summit in Osaka, Japan. Büyüksulu, who was invited to Forum hold in Awaji Island in Japan, got her paper ‘New Era Threats to Nutritious And Sustainable Healthy Foods: Is It Possible to Live a Sustainable Healthy Life?’published in the Forum bucklet. During forum where food and nutrition problems, especially in the science of eating, were discussed, in addition to Büyükuslu, Aydın Demir, a lecturer in the Department of Gastronomy and Culinary Arts, Faculty of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture, received a medal with his stuffed mackerel at the World King of Chefs Summit.  At the end of the forum, the participants signed the ‘Avaji Declaration’.


Efforts to address threats to fair distribution of waste, food and nutritional resources Büyükuslu representing our country said in a statement on this issue: “The UN has 17 Sustainable Development Goals by 2030, aiming at providing healthy living for every individual in the world. 12 of them are related to nutrition and food. The meeting called for action on nutrition and food issues. Healthy nutrition is constantly mentioned, but healthy food is needed for healthy nourishment. The use of chemicals to increase the production of cultivatable areas prevents us from reaching healthy food. On the other hand, one problem also is sufficiency . Before 2050, the world's population is expected to increase up to 11 billion. The adequacy of food resources is being debated all over the world in order to feed 11 billion people in a fair and balanced way. In the meeting these issues were also focused on”


At the summit, Istanbul Medipol University Instructor Chief Aydin Demir whose  mackerel stuffed with the  bulgur was greatly appreciated and awarded with a medal, said that public awareness should be promoted to prevent waste. Demir said that a person should use 30 liters of water a day, while consuming 250 liters of water, He added that food should be evaluated from A to Z to prevent waste. International Gastronomy Consultant Yavuz Selim Şen, who attended the summit, said that food production areas disappear every year due to environmental factors.