Istanbul Medipol University, which will leave its 10th year behind in 2020, has been full of events in 2019.

2019 In a Nutshell at Medipol University

Istanbul Medipol University, the vision of creating new knowledge and using it beyond the transfer of existing knowledge since its establishment, is preparing to leave 2019 behind with success. Istanbul Medipol University, which will celebrate its 10th anniversary in 2020, was the first address in Turkey in 2019 as in past years. The School of International Medicine (UTF) with a base score of 547.58, which is preferred by 2016, 2017 and, 2018 Higher Education Institutions Examination (YKS) champions is the highest school leaving behind all Schools of Medicine in Turkey. Founded in 2009 and aiming to achieve international standards in education quality, our university completed successfully its accreditation process by opening various programs under the supervision of evaluation institutions in 2019. In the same year, our university and national and international collaborations, our students and academics take us pride in the success with the prestigious awards they received. Medipol University, which provides education in nearly 200 programs, has graduated approximately 8,000 students in June. Since its establishment, Medipol has also achieved many influential events and, many symposiums, workshops, conferences, panels, interviews, openings, exhibitions, and concerts has held successfully in 2019.

Let us look once again at the highlights of 2019.


Our disabled student Onğulu has been a Champion Swimmer.

Dilan Onğul, student in the department of Medical Documentation and Secretarial at Istanbul Medipol University Vocational School of Health Services, has scored a major success by winning four gold medals at Physically Disabled Swimming Championships in Turkey.


MEDKOM has started its activities.

Medipol Language, Speech, Swallowing and Innovative Technologies Research and Application Center (MEDKOM) was established with the support of the Istanbul Development Agency (ISTKA).

President of TÜBİTAK Prof. Mandal has visited our university

The President of Scientific and Technological Research (TÜBİTAK) Prof. Hasan Mandal held a series of contacts at Istanbul Medipol University. Firstly, the Rector of Medipol University Prof. Sabahattin Aydin met with Prof Mandal then visited the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences and the Center for Regenerative and Restorative Medicine Research (REMER).


Turkey's first 'Unobstructed University' has been inaugurated in cooperation with Istanbul Medipol University.

The opening ceremony organized in cooperation with Istanbul Medipol University and Bağcılar Municipality was held with the participation of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and his wife Emine Erdoğan.

The youth ask Binali Yıldırım answers

Former President of the Parliament Binali Yıldırım has met with the students of Istanbul Medipol University. In the program titled "Youth Ask and the President Answers" Yildirim answered the questions of the students with the Minister of Public Health and Welfare Prof. Fahrettin Koca, who was awarded an honorary doctorate by the decision of Istanbul Medipol University Senate.


Having a great meeting with Midwives

Istanbul Medipol University has taken place 2nd International Istanbul Midwives' Day. The University was the scene of a great meeting of the midwives of the Asian and European sides and all over the country.


Haluk Levent and Yalın are at IMUFEST'19!

Organized by Istanbul Medipol University students, Yalın, the respected name of pop music, and Haluk Levent, the master of rock music, have sung the popular songs for our students at IMUFEST'19.


Eight thousand students have graduated!

Istanbul Medipol University '2019 Graduation Ceremony' had ended. Three days of the ceremony lasted more than 8 thousand students had experienced the joy of graduation.


150 students have graduated from Medipol Turkish Teaching Center!

Students have received their certificates at the International Turkish Teaching Summer Camp organized Istanbul Medipol University, in cooperation with Turkish Maarif Foundation.

Curious Science Students Have Met in Medipol!

Organized by Istanbul Medipol University International School of Medicine 'Young Scientist Training Summer Program' brought together high school students who want to be scientists.


20th National Anatomy Congress was held at Istanbul Medipol University

National Anatomy Congress, which is among the most prestigious congresses in the field of medicine, was hosted by Istanbul Medipol University.


Medipol has been preferred by the Champions of YKS again.

Istanbul Medipol University International School of Medicine (UTF) this year was the highest base with 547.58 points among all School of Medicine in Turkey.

Urologists from all over the world participated in surgeries on air

In collaboration with the Istanbul Medipol University and the Society of International Urology (SIU), the surgeries performed at Medipol Mega were watched on air by SIU members in different parts of the world.


Medipol ranked among the best universities of 2020

Istanbul Medipol University has taken place in the World's Best Universities list of Times Higher Education (THE) magazine, which is published in the UK about higher education.


Future Science Forum'19

The 4th largest summit of Future Science Forum, which organizes nearly one thousand events throughout the country in many different fields from engineering to social sciences, from health to architecture, was held.


Recep Akdağ met with Medipol students

Former Minister of Health Prof. Dr. Recep Akdag met with students of Istanbul Medipol University. Akdag, he told from the point reached in 2002 health in Turkey today.

2nd Medipol HR Award goes to its owners

2.Medipol HR Award Ceremony that students voted has held in Istanbul Medipol University. The names of the culture, art, sports, media and business world attended a large number of names such as Show TV News Anchor Ece Üner, Presenter Müge Anlı, actor Taner Ölmez, Musician Ceylan Ertem have received awards at the ceremony.

'Bir Başka Hazan' album by 440 Hertz Topluluğu has released

Prof. Dr. Hanefi Özbek, School of Medicine The album 'Bir Başka Hazan', composed of 16 compositions by Hanefi Özbek, was introduced to the audience.


In 2019, Istanbul Medipol University signed many national and international cooperation agreements. Medipol increased its quality of education day by day, the Independent Industrialists and Businessmen Association (MÜSİAD), Qatar-based Al Tecdit International Education Services Inc., Georgian National University, TZU University, KHYBER Medical University, and Small and Medium Industry Development Organization (KOSGEB) strengthened its power by signing the protocol in 2019. 


 Istanbul Medipol University took great pride in 2019 with the awards received by its academic staff and students in different fields. Faculty of Law Dean Prof. Mehmet Akif Aydın received the Necip Fazıl Idea-Research Award. Vocational School of Health Services Lecturer Aslıhan Demircan and his team, 'World Cities Congress Istanbul' held in the 'Sustainbul Ideathon' competition won the first prize. Dilan Onğulu, student at Istanbul Medipol University Vocational School of Health Services in the department of Medical Documentation and Secretarial, has scored a major success by winning four gold medals at Physically Disabled Swimming Championships in Turkey. Seher Naz Ayhan, Student of the Department of Industrial Design, Faculty of Fine Arts Design and Architecture, Rabia Nur Torun, Yaren Ayrancıoğlu, Aysu Bilge Alkan and Rabia Kurşun at the AsiaStar Competition, which is known as the Packaging Oscar of Asia, and İMMİB Metals Exporter Associations) won the first place in the Industrial Design Competition.