Evaluation And Announcement Of Results

Evaluation and Announcement of Results Evaluation:
1.) Applications are evaluated by the commission of at least 3 people which will be formed by the management of related academic unit.
2.) The evaluation of applications and ranking of the candidates for admission is at discretion of İstanbul Medipol University. The İstanbul Medipol University is free to decide whether or not to fill our vacancies.
3.) Meeting the application criteria does not guarantee admission to the programs.
Announcement of Results and Registration:
The announcement of results and registration process as well as necessary information will be sent to candidates’ e-mail addresses which have been already written on their application form.
After the evaluation, students accepted for studies at İstanbul Medipol University will receive ‘Letter of Acceptance’ to their address by mail The students are required to acquire ‘Student Visa’ from the nearest Turkish Embassy/Consulate with this acceptance.