Program Information

Histology is the field of science for observation the structure of tissue on micro-resolution level. Histo-technicians and histo-technologists work closely with pathologists to help diagnose disease. The pathology-technicians and the histo-technicians prepare tissue slides for examination by a pathologist. However the histo-technologists perform tasks and workflow that require for define more complex and detailed diagnosis and apply their technologic knowledge to help diagnosis. Therefore, Histology-Embryology Graduate Program prepare the students to use the histo-technology in upper level and graduate them as expert position.

Goals of the program were enhanced in accordance with the mission of “Graduate School of Health Sciences”. In order to achieve theoretical foundation and professional competence, with its didactic and practical education, Histology-Embryology Graduate Program have the objectives below:
**to train personnel who will be able comprise quality standard in Histotechnology
**to train individuals who are capable of establishing clinical and research foundation in an institution with his or her know-how, preparing the laboratory environment, and creating circular financial input
**to bring students to the level of an academic adviser and a vocational counselor
**to motivate students to be enthusiastic about achieving an academic and professional accurateness