From The Head Of The Board Of Trustees: “Global Education İn An International University”

"Global Education in an International University"

As a university, fundedby Turkey Education Health and Research Foundation (TESA), our mission is toadvance knowledge and transform lives by providing outstanding undergraduate, graduate,and professional education to promising, qualified students in order to preparethem to contribute fully to society as globally engaged citizen leaders, and byadvancing outreach, engagement, and development activities that are innovative, research-driven, and lead to a better quality of life for individuals andcommunities.

It is the University’srole to create and maintain space for civil discussion, dialogue, and dissent. Asa potential leader in higher education and an institution dedicated to globalcitizenship, Medipol University will not retreat from its responsibility toengage with social issues besides health sciences.

I unequivocally supportthe principles of academic freedom and freedom of expression in allcircumstances. These principles are critical to the maintenance and vitality ofan open and democratic community and must not be constrained in any way byinterference from outside powers.

If we find the way oflife which can be marked as wisdom, if we build access to e-learning technologyinformation and education without barriers for all people in the region it willbe we that will become the facilitator of the region development. It will be uswho will determine the near and distant future.


Dr. Fahrettin Koca

From the Head of the Board of Trustees