IstanbulMedipol University offers various forms of education: pre-college preparatory languagecourses, vocational education, higher education at the college level, postgarduateeducation, and various graduate degrees. A lot of attention is given to usinginformational technologies in the education process. Each member of our faculty is conditioned to strive to educate our studentsabout the world that they live in and help them acquire the information andskills they need for successful and productive lives.

Students have access to a multimedia library, tomultiplex classrooms and computer classrooms with state-of-the-art equipment. Besideseducation and research, our students are also involved in various associationsand participate in various events which allows them to gain social andorganizational skills.

We can say with complete confidence that we arededicated to educate the country’s future, as the vast majority of our studentsform the elite of the Turkish society; in varying degrees, they are involved inelecting the direction of Turkey’s development. This is the most importantresult of our work, we are proud of it, and we look into the future withconfidence.

Oneof the key tasks of the university is to increase the students’ mobility, todevelop the “integrated” educational model. It’s especially important todaygiven the gradual emergence of the international labor market, give the evergreater internalization of the knowledge in the humanities. Diversity is an important goal forus. In the first year of the university 7 % of the students come from abroad. Wenow educate students from, three continents, Asia, Africa and Europe.

We havebuilt the learning and teaching organisation at our university, we have builtthe knowledge society, but it does not secure the happiness and the future ofour population. We need to learn how to apply the wisdom on our knowledge anddecisions patterns. In the whole history of modern society the university wasunderstood as a place of wisdom, as a workshop of humanity. The outgraduateswill allways remember Medipol University within this context.

Medipol is a brand that assures maintaining a safe andrespectful climate for all members of the institutional community. Through out our professional career,we try to achieve our personal happiness and make friends at the universitybesides the educational aims. We do not only want our students to be preparedfor life. We also want them to enjoy the life at our university.

IstanbulMedipol University, Haliç Campus has stood on the banks of the Golden Hornoverlooking the ancient peninsula of Istanbul, capital for many civilizations.In a province where the lessons of history come alive, students and facultyexamine the modern world in its infinite complexity. No other settings canoffer such grate intellectual, political or cultural resources.

Ourstudents are encouraged not only to study but also to reflect, and through anunderstanding of the world, prepare for lives of leadership and service.