Preparatory Programme

The compulsory professional foreign language training in all departments is taught by adept and experienced staff accompanied by advanced information and communication technologies. Our English department constitutes of Turkish and foreign language trainers, who relying on detailed and sophisticated programs and planning, are determined to bring all our students to an adequate level of Professional English knowledge, in compliance with the international standards.
Intensive General English training is provided to students who remain under the level of the proficiency exam maintained several times during the academic year. The English program has been prepared considering the language knowledge and skills students should acquire for their studies and career. During the English preparatory education students acquire the techniques to express themselves in both oral and written form, to access and use information, as well as to comprehend and use academic English. Students who have completed the Preparatory Class successfully are able to follow classes in English as well as to follow the literature in their respective fields without encountering problems.

Besides, The English Program carries out Summer Courses open to both Preparatory Class students who did not meet the requirements during the academic year, as well as to students of other departments who are willing to improve their English skills.