Evaluation Questionnaires

Questions Performance Level(1,2,3,4,5,6)

The narration of the courses by Lecturers

The tendency of Lecturers in terms of answering the students with related questions  

The tendency of Lecturers in terms of creative ideas and commentaries as well as the tendency of encouraging the students to attend to the courses


The position of being well-planned of Lecturers for the courses


The effective usage of the given time for courses by Lecturers


The interclass mastery of Lecturers


The objectivity of Lecturers in the process of evaluation of the projects and papers


The tendency of attending to the courses regularly and on time  


The importance of mutual connection between Lecturers and students


The accessibility to Lecturers out of weekly course hours and the adequacy of time granted for the students


The declaration of both aims and context of the courses in the very beginning of the term


The enhancement of the courses with current information


The clarity of the questions in the exams and its relevancy with the courses narrated


The enhancement of wisdoms and skills as a result of the courses narrated


The tendency of accession to the required resources related to the courses


The extensity of the courses according to the other ones in the School/Department


The best preference of the resources according to the aim of the courses

The notions in regard to Lecturers and courses  

The Results of Evaluation Questionnaires

1 2 3 4 5 6
No comment Very poor Poor Somewhat satisfied/satisfactory Good Very good/excellent